I hope you did not click on this page because you wanted to see my rates.

Because you will have to scroll down to find them.

All right, the obligatory services and rates info:


Blogpost and Article Writing – I can create lead magnets, email campaigns, white papers, social media posts and infographics.

And refrigerator magnets.

But the real reason you would bring me on would be to write SEO infused actionable blogposts and articles between 750-1,200 words.

My sweet spot is writing B2B content for SaaS marketing campaigns, but my Mom says I am nice and kind and versatile.


I keep it real simple and transparent. If I get to keep my name on a piece then it is a straight 15 cents per word. These are pieces that are deeply researched and written in my voice.

Ghost writing takes a bit more effort because I need to learn and write in your voice. Still pretty straightforward, though: 20 cents per word and you can claim it and keep it as yours. This service comes with an Omerta level of silence. I will disavow myself of the content after it is in your hands.


The above price points are based on creating content that wraps around an established content marketing strategy. If you need help with strategic architecture, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It takes a lot of time and effort and expertise. We can talk about your message and your needs and I can design a strategy for you if you needed.


Regarding any help you might need in executing a content marketing campaign, I am more than happy to provide a consultation that would include what it is that I think you might need. Even if you don’t hire me, the consult (15-30 minutes) is on the house.

In Conclusion:

Do you play fantasy baseball? I need 2 more teams to round out my league.